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We are a communications company serving clients in Louisville and surrounding areas of Kentuckiana.
From cable installs to full system overhauls & server room clean ups, we can do it for you!

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Looking for a customer-based communication company, Communication Connection, Inc. is just that, customer focused.  We strive daily to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.  We provide fast, friendly, and cost savings solutions to help your companies communications and budgetary platforms.  We offer a vast array of services: telephone, computer, server rooms, Wi-Fi, cameras, paging, the reduction of monthly telephone and/or internet services, outside cabling services.  The list goes on!  With 27-years’ experience, we do it all!  Give us a call and see how we can help move your company into the future!

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Some of Our Services

System Design

We design and implement systems for all types of businesses.  Small, medium, or large, we have done them all!  Office, restaurants, schools, doctor offices, theme parks, police stations, city offices and high-end car dealers, just to mention and few.  We have a wide variety of solutions which will help your business grow.  Allow us to design a system that works for your company, not against it! 

Cable Install

With a structed cable installation, you can expect a longer life from your cabling backbone.  Cable is the support system of your data and telephone infrastructure.  Without a solid cable installation, unexpected issues can and will happen with one or all your computers or telephones.  Causing down time and loss of productivity.  These days, with computers and telephones being supported by a single cable, it is important for that cable to operate correctly.  Our cables are installed to meet the BICSI industry standards.  By doing so, you can always count on a solid cable.  You can always feel secure knowing our cable(s) come with a 10-year warranty against defective materials and poor workmanship.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is a long-haul glass cable that allows connectivity between data equipment.  Normal copper wiring allows data transmissions up to 300-feet.  Fiber optics allows up to 131,233-feet or 40 km.  Fiber optics has an array of uses which makes it a practical solution.  Connect data rooms/closets/buildings together, makes the data equipment respond as thou it is sitting in the same room as the hosting equipment.  By doing so, lag time will be eliminated, and employee productivity increased.

Paging Systems

Voice paging systems allow a user within an organization to make an announcement  over speakers throughout a building(s), warehouse(s), offices, both inside and out.  Systems can be designed to allow one-way announcement or talk-back for immediate responses.

Mass notifications systems allows you to send notifications to alert personnel if there is an Active Shooter, Fire, Medical Emergencies, Severe Weather, Chemical Spill, etc.  Notifications can be sent to cell phones, text, email, desktop computers, 2-way radios, etc.

On Hold Systems

Message-on-Hold. No one likes to listen to nothing while on hold, why not let your customers know what services and products you offer. Studies have shown when people have something to listen to, they are 70% more likely to stay on the line and not hang up. Callers with silence on-hold will abandon their calls in less than one minute. Without music or messages, 60% of those on-hold will hang up and 30% will not call back. Over 85% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence. A 40% increase in retention on the information heard while on-hold. A 25% increase in inquiries about the information heard while on-hold. A 12% increase in request for products and services mentioned while on-hold. With on-hold messages you reach 100% of the callers your business places on-hold. They are nearly all good prospects because they are “ALL” people who called you! Now, all you need is the right message!

Cable Clean Ups

Communications is the largest customer interaction in our business. Weather we are on the telephone or computer, it all relies on electronics. Most on-site equipment is installed in an incorrect fashion which causes several issues. Heat is one of the worst. Heat buildup causes equipment to have a much shorter life span. A lot of money goes into our electronic equipment and we want to get the most out of our investment. Not only does heat cause a shorter life span, but service calls and additional equipment needs come at a higher cost. When the technician must trace and figure out where the cable connections and equipment components are located, it cost you more money. When adding personnel and services to the data equipment, existing usable equipment can be and is easily overlooked. Safety is another issue to consider. With clutter and debris on the floor, ceiling, and walls, it can be easy for someone to trip and/or fall.
The rumors say, if it is not broken, do not fix it. But know, if it is not fixed, it is just a matter of time. Do not let contact with your customers be impacted with no communications. Give your equipment a new lease on life, let us clean up the environment of your equipment to a neat and orderly fashion. This will allow for longer equipment life and put savings back in your pocket. Wanting to get a grip on your electronics environment, allow us to help.

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